Report anonymously

If you choose to report anonymously we will not ask you for any personally identifiable details. We will not be able to offer direct advice and are unlikely to begin any formal processes.

If you would prefer, you can report something with your details and request to speak to someone about the support that is available to you.

We understand that many people may not feel comfortable reporting with their details therefore this online forms allows you to report anonymously. The information you provide in this report will remain confidential and will be used to monitor issues across The University of Huddersfield.

Are you reporting on behalf of yourself or somebody else?



Where did this happen?


Place of Residence

In Community

What do you think was the reason for this incident?

Anonymised Demographic Data - We’ll use this to monitor, analyse and improve our support.

Was this the gender that you were assigned at birth?


The Student Services Team at the University of Huddersfield will maintain confidentiality of the information you have provided on this form. The information you have given will only be used for monitoring and analysis to improve our support.

Completion of this form does not automatically instigate the University’s formal complaints procedure. If you wish to make a formal complaint, please see the University’s complaint process.