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23MyselfStudentSexual Harassment; Teaching spaceSexual Orientation; I'm not sure;
On campus, in the Joseph priestly building in a lecture theatre during the RPS event.
10th October 2019, around 7:15PM
I was sat in the middle of the row during a lecture. I was unable to hear the lecturer so I stood up and attempted to move to the front of the lecture theatre. However as I was trying to leave my row, the male on the end grabbed my bottom and pushed me into the aisle. When I turned around and looked at him he was smirking.
Initially I did not know how to react. I felt quite angry and then really upset. I burst out into tears. I have felt down since the incident and whenever I think about it I cry.
Applied Sciences18-25NoAsian–OtherFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesMuslimHeterosexualName: Zainab Rekhad  StudentNumber:U1950076
Telephone: 07523362065  Email: U1950076@unimail.hud.ac.uk
Make a formal complaint
01/09/2019 @ 21:30
Students friend posted screenshots of a discrepancy on her own profile against a lady who has mental health issues, your "STUDENT NURSE" joins in bullying and falsley reporting victims profile!!!!
lady suffers with mental health, impact is immesurable!
Health Centre36-45YesWhite—EnglishFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesPrefer not to sayHeterosexualName: Leanne Hughes  StudentNumber:
Telephone: 07305828317  Email: dynamite9311@gmail.com
Please contact me back ASAP, i find it disgusting a student NURSE is capable of this behaviour, all the while she has your Huddersfield University Student Nurse shirt on for all to see on her profile photo while she bullying!!!
21MyselfFinacial isseuedont return my money back; emaildont return my money;
one year ago
the tuition fee for this semester is 13000 pound, and I deposit 14000 pound in my account. I ask financial department to return the rest 1000 pound, they give me a form, and I filled it. But later then, no money has returned to my bank account, nor replies from financial department. Even I have sent a few email to ask for this, there is still nobody replied to me. And they held my money for one year, I feel like I provided a interest- free loan to school. If this happen in real world, I THINK i AM SUPPOSE TO ASK FOR SOME INTERESTS, BUT now, I dont even get my 1000 pound capital back
I need my money now
Financial Services18-25NoChineseMale; gender assigned at birth: YesNo ReligionI am normal...Name: Zhang Mingtian  StudentNumber:u1674564
Telephone: 447422634705  Email: a408255650@126.com
Make a formal complaint
20MyselfStudentBullying; Harassment; Town CentrePrevious relationship;
Multiple places
Over 5 months
Bullying, verbal abuse, abuse from family of person, threats to be assaulted, posted about all over social media.
I've missed months of uni, my mental health is at an all time low, I've reported this multiple time and explained how badly of an effect it is having on both me and my partner however nothing ever gets done.
Human and Health Sciences18-25NoWhite—EnglishMale; gender assigned at birth: YesNo ReligionGayName: Chris Quinn   StudentNumber:U1457458
Telephone: 07437704361  Email: christophermcevoy@live.co.uk
Make a formal complaint
19MyselfStudentDiscrimination; Disability;
The EC policy is discriminatory
from september 2016
refused to accept my permenant ill health impacts me 100% of the time. which is contrary to the 2010 Equality Act.
I want to make a formal complaint.
impact has caused grades to be discounted. and much distress and anxiety
Music, Humanities and MediaPrefer not to sayName: Steven Athorn  StudentNumber:u1658299
Telephone: 07958 030567  Email: steveathorn@icloud.com
Make a formal complaint
 There are no procedures in place to deal with my complaint. Everyone BAR NONE doesnt want anything to do with it. I feel that people think im just causing trouble and should just take it and go away. And that has been the running theme when diasbled parking bays are removed without notice or explanation. lifts are broken no one wants to know complaints are never dealt no measures put in place, the whole university seems to be powerless or scared or too idle to care.
18MyselfStudentI'm not sure; Other;
Every day
There is a sofa area outside the Marketing office OA6/06 where groups of students - different couples - engage in sexual behavior, covering themselves with blankets and coats. They are often on top of each other and it could go as far as one can imagine.

Both staff and students feel offended by this behavior, which is disrespectful to the people around and to the University's values. The sofa is placed next to 4 classrooms and one office, however, the 'audience' does not seem to bother these couples for whom this space has become their favorite 'canoodling' spot.
Music, Humanities and Media26-35NoWhite—OtherFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesOtherHeterosexualName: Alina Tobos  StudentNumber:I am a staff member
Telephone: 07510564868  Email: a.tobos@hud.ac.uk
Make a formal complaint
17Someone elseStudentI'm not sure; Teaching spacefamily matter;
Ramsden RG/26 Podiatry clinic
Thursday 14/03/2019, 3pm
A fellow student unexpectedly and instantaneously broke down crying over an apparent incident that was taking place over phone messaging service. She was unable to comprehend a message she had received from her father and spoke along these lines - 'I can't even believe he would say that to me'. The incident was clearly upsetting and shocked the 3 of us who were all in attendance as there appeared no reason for this outburst. This student has become very isolated and I am concerned that she is showing certain signs of abuse/neglect. She chooses not to engage in social circles and is withdrawn at all times from any interaction with her peers.
It was shocking for all those who witnessed the incident due to the fact no one is aware of any goings on. She refused to comment any further and this is clearly a very personal issue that the student wished to remain private. I am concerned that this student has no avenue of support and does not feel secure in either her personal private or professional life.
Human and Health Sciences18-25NoWhite—EnglishFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesI don’t knowI don’t knowName: Alex Fowler  StudentNumber:u1867169
Telephone: 07754495713  Email: u1867169@unimail.hud.ac.uk
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
16MyselfStudentSexual Violence; Halls of ResidenceI'm not sure;
Little Aspley accommodation, my room
10th may 2018, after 4am
After a night out of drinking two of my friends took me home, as I was barely in a state to walk. My male friend Dylan said he'd stay over and look after me to my best friend Steph. Next thing I knew I was waking up/ regaining consciousness and Dylan was not only on top but also inside of me and abusing me. I was confused and not quite sure what was going on, and it was over before I really realised what had happened. I told him to leave and tried to go back to sleep however I was still intoxicated.
I met my friends later that day and when they asked if he slept with me I lied and said no, since I myself wasn't quite sure what had happened.
Later that week I confided in my friend and said we had had sex, but that I didn't remember it. She said she had specifically told him not to even imagine touching me as I was in such an awful state that I could not possibly consent. I had also a few weeks beforehand clearly told him multiple times that I did not want to sleep with him.
I felt betrayed by my friend, abused and hurt. I have brushed it off for a long time until I got a therapist and spoke to her about it, due to my serious mental health issues and a suicide attempt.
Art, Design and Architecture18-25NoWhite—OtherFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesNo ReligionBisexualName: Dada Neidhardt  StudentNumber:U1765977
Telephone: 07398543446  Email: dada@dneidhardt.com
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
 Dylan Watmough is a Student at the University in Huddersfield and I know him to treat drunk Women with little respect all I want is to prevent this from happening again.
15MyselfStudentI'm struggling with accepting life. ; Everywhere and all the timeGender Identity; Race/Ethnicity; Religion/Belief; Age; Alternative Sub-Cultures;
All the time
My memories are returning and I yearn for the life I once had before all I treasured was taken from me. At the same time I can't think of any positive future short or long term. It has been a year or so since I've self harmed and I do disagree with it but it's like my insides are boiling and my brain swells up and everything hurts and I need release. Yet I am holding back.... I don't know what for..... I live for the sake of a family that don't spare me a minute of their time. Everyone loves to tell me about every detail of their day, their thoughts and even request for me to do things and I do. Like a good daughter and sister I look after my family but there's no one to tell me its ok you can take a break now.. honestly I feel like my only break will be when I'm dead (I talk about dying a lot, highly romanticise it even, not actively suicidal though)
Impact on me is severe. I think about alternate lives, dimensions in heaven where the rules of this world won't apply. I will not need to be so dependent nor will I feel lonely. I'm the only human amongst strange people made out of candy, and wizards and warriors and mystical creatures... I just want to hurry up and get there but this life is sooooo long. cursed am I to have all this love and passion and no one to share it with. My head is going to explode- can't concentrate on anything. 
Others just get upset because all they hear is "I wanna die" (rarely say that. just wanna get to heaven faster). - that's only when they afford me the chance to speak that is... In more ways than one, im cursed. There's lots to say but no one will listen...…….
Sorry if this is incorrect space to put this..... I feel like I really need someone to talk to.
Human and Health Sciences18-25YesAsian–OtherFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesPrefer not to sayPrefer not to sayName: Umay Nadeem  StudentNumber:U1755585
Telephone: 07729859738  Email: U1755585@unimail.hud.ac.uk
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
I may seem apprehensive but it just takes a while to warm up. I really believe just talking to someone for a bit will help me greatly, for my exams anyway.
14MyselfStudentHarassment; Sexual Harassment; Private rented accommodationAge; Gender;
38 Portland Street, HD1 5PL
A flatmate of mine (Alistair, 46 years old, White English, Male) who has flirted with me before and to whom I have expressed the fact that I am not interested in him, entered my room in a bathrobe without knocking, while I was in my bed under the blankets. He told me he just wanted to make sure I was alright. There was no reason to think I was not, as I have not heard anyone screaming, nor have I ever asked him to check on me. After I shouted at him to go away (I don't like to be rude, but he took me by surprise and I was very uncomfortable), he left and closed the door behind him.
I will have to lock myself in my room from now on and feel uncomfortable staying in my own house (rented through Jarvie Properties).
Music, Humanities and Media18-25NoWhite—OtherFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesChristianPrefer not to sayName: Elisa Lubrini  StudentNumber:u1564041
Telephone: +4916095467374  Email: u1564041@unimail.hud.ac.uk
Make a formal complaint
13MyselfStudentBullying; Online (snapchat)I'm not sure;
27/02/2019 1:10am
explicit drawing of a personal nature also naming my drag persona being sent to me/others using social media.
It made me feel belittled and embarrased that people had seen something so personal
Art, Design and Architecture18-25NoWhite—EnglishMale; gender assigned at birth: YesNo ReligionGayName: jamie milner   StudentNumber:U1557443
Telephone: 07399247937  Email: MIL11122861@googlemail.com
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
12MyselfStudentBullying; Through messagesThrough messages;
Over messages
07.02.19 at 12:47
Received a message being called a "cunt" and "fat fucker". This was because I didn't do what the sender of the message wanted me to do. As well as this, I received messages on 04.02.19 saying "look ash come to football tomorrow and say whatever you wanna say to my face. Sort it like men. Cos I guarantee I will fuck you up"
I feel anxious that he will be aggressive towards me if we cross paths on campus. Also, the person who sent the messages parks his car outside my accommodation so I also feel slightly anxious that I could see him whenever I leave my room. Throughout the event of messages I have been calm and he has been aggressive.
Business18-25NoWhite—EnglishMale; gender assigned at birth: YesChristianHeterosexualName: Ashley Taylor  StudentNumber:U1655710
Telephone: 07454470249  Email: U1655710@unimail.hud.ac.uk
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
11MyselfStudentBullying; Harassment; Physical Threats; Private rented accommodationDisagreement that has turned into something bigger;
Business18-25NoWhite—EnglishFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesChristianHeterosexualName: Ebonny Marshall  StudentNumber:U1774218
Telephone: 07446865688  Email: ebonnyjayne@outlook.com
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
The issue is very long so it will be easier to explain in person with photographic evidence and recordings of everything, along with the police reference number. I would also like to make a formal complaint relating to the incidents that have occurred.
10MyselfStudentHate Crime or Hate Incident; Zetland Street outside Wasted SpaceAnger Management Problems;
Outside Wasted Space on Zetland Street
Monday 10th December at 21:20
I have a history with another student at the University of Huddersfield named Jonathan (Jonny) Williams. I have been his 'friend' as he has been going through difficult times for the past 10 weeks or so. This is the climax of a few weeks of smaller incidents.
We were both at the Christian Union Event in Wasted Space. At the end of the event he approached me, wanting me to talk to him, but I had a bus to catch which left at 21:20. I left the event in a hurry to catch the bus but saw it leave as I came out the front door. I was stood at the front door of Wasted Space. Without me hearing, seeing or noticing, Jonny followed me out and punched me directly on my right cheek. He was held back by another attendant of the event and I left and took shelter in the University Library.
I should mention that this is not the first time he has punched me. The first time was 2 weeks ago. Although it was a soft punch on the arm, it was still done in anger.
My lip was cut from impact with my teeth and I had a slight swelling on my right cheekbone. The next day I also had a headache and a sore face.
I have been emotionally hurt as I put a lot of time into helping him. This has also had an emotional impact on my parents and my girlfriend.
I have also been mentally stressed from the whole situation and am looking for an extension on one of my assignments.
Computing and Engineering18-25NoWhite—EnglishMale; gender assigned at birth: YesChristianHeterosexualName: Sam Bronsdon  StudentNumber:U1865794
Telephone: 07940923561  Email: sam.bronsdon@gmail.com
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
 To the extent of my knowledge, this was not an attack on my belief.
9MyselfStudentDiscrimination; Teaching spaceRace/Ethnicity;
Business School Street Cafe
Friday 26th October at 2pm
Racist implied comment
made me feel uncomfortable
Business18-25NoPakistaniFemale; gender assigned at birth: YesMuslimHeterosexualName: Kiran Firdos  StudentNumber:u1752617
Telephone: 07732789822  Email: kiranmdd@live.co.uk
 not at this stage
8Someone elseStudentBullying; LibraryMarriage/Civil partnership;
Art, Design and ArchitectureOther ethnic backgroundPrefer not to say; gender assigned at birth: Prefer not to sayI don’t knowI don’t knowName: "testing"  StudentNumber:"testing"
Telephone: "testing"  Email: "testing"
Make a formal complaint
7MyselfStudentDiscrimination; Student CentralReligion/Belief;
Art, Design and ArchitecturePakistaniFemale; gender assigned at birth: NoSpiritualPrefer not to sayName: "testing"  StudentNumber:"testing"
Telephone: "testing"  Email: "testing"
Meet with a Wellbeing Adviser
6Someone elseStudentBullying; Student CentralRace/Ethnicity;
Prefer not to sayPrefer not to sayName: Neetu Sharma  StudentNumber:1770360
Telephone: 07789045591  Email: nesh.1990@gmail.com